Who are we?

Boran Filipi

Boran Filipi

Founder / Master Professor of Sport
and Physical Education
Diana Maksimović

Diana Maksimović

Bachelor of Applied Medical Sciences
in Physiotherapy

Why us?

We are two enthusiasts who have dedicated their lives
to what is most valuable,
and that is health. In addition to being
educated for our vocation, as both athletes
and ordinary people, we
have gone through the hands of a system that doesn’t trully
work and
decided to provide you with all the necessary KNOWLEDGE
and teach you how to take CARE OF YOURSELF.

We are proud of our humane and professional approach,
not the classic business
model of work. If you make the decision
to work with us, you will not only get one,
but TWO coaches. It is four
eyes and four ears that will follow, analyze and hear you
and two voices
that will guide you, advise you and explain you HOW. With the same
as yours, we’ll be at your disposal practically 24/7, guiding you
with our whole being on your path to SUCCESS.

For each of your whys, you will get thorough and concise answers
with verified and
tested information. That is very rare in this sea of
​​misinformation, but really important.
You will learn what a HEALTHY DIET
and the REAL FUNCTIONAL TRAINING actually mean,
as well as
how to maintain your health at an optimal level FOREVER.

With your effort and our knowledge, the results are guaranteed.

    +381 64 3663 799
    Trainings are held at STRONG GYM which is located in Belgrade
    at Albanske spomenice 19 (corner with Ruzveltova street).
    Working hours:
    Monday – Friday  08-22h
    Saturday  09-18h